Halloween Horrors!

Happy Halloween! On this scariest of days, we bring you our scariest stories about the scariest motorcycles we’ve ever ridden.

Some were evil, some possessed, and some just downright diabolical. Click on the links to read the stories — if you dare!

Willy and the Yamaha Virago — a week of pure horror.

Zac and the Yamaha XS650 — a newbie’s nightmare.

Mark and the Big Brute — eight cylinders of evil.

Costa and the CZ 250 Scrambler — the worst bike in Canada.

Steve and the Sachs Madass — 120 cc of hate.

Sabrina and the Ducati Monster — a cursed bike in more than just name.




  1. I have to say that I laughed hard several times while reading these stories. All were great. I still have a smile on my face while writing this comment. Loved the humor! And I can sympathize with the pain.


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