Dan Kruger drops out of Macau GP


Dan Kruger, the Canadian who’s been tearing up the Asian roadracing scene in recent years, has announced he’ll have to skip the Macau GP.

After success in China’s Pan-Delta series, Kruger’s moved on to well-known events like the Isle of Man TT, the Suzuka 8-Hour, and last year, the Macau GP. However, his luck soured just as it looked like he was making a breakthrough into the roadracing mainstream (if you could call the IOMTT, Suzuka, and Macau mainstream). He suffered a bad crash at Suzuka in 2015, and then after winning the opening race in the Chinese superbike series this winter, he had another bad crack-up this spring.

As a result, Kruger had to abandon his plans for the Pan-Delta series and the Northwest 200, and now he’s bowing out of Macau.

“My fitness level is improving but I am still not ready to take on something as dangerous as Macau with almost no seat time in 2016.,” Kruger said in a press release. “I love racing Macau but this is the right move based on my serious injuries.”

Kruger’s spot will be covered by privateer Dan Hegarty, the top privateer at this year’s IOMTT; Kruger and his team will help set up their Kawasaki for the event.


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