Intermot: Z900, Z650 en route, says Kawasaki

Along with the new ZX10, Ninja 650, Ninja 1000, upgraded H2R and H2, Kawasaki also said there’s a new Z900 and Z650 coming, with final details expected by EICMA.

Of course, the Z900 model has been in the working for a while, but much of the speculation had the bike coming in as a retro model. Turns out, from the images released (the Z900 is pictured above), Team Green is planning a modern naked bike instead.

The 900 will have a 950 cc inline-four, rated at 123 hp. It will have a steel trellis frame and rebound/preload-adjustable rear shock, and 41 mm USD forks up front with spring pre-load adjustability. Brakes are four-pot calipers mated to dual discs in front. ABS will be optional in some markets.

Just like in the heady days of the 1970s, there will be a Z650 to go with the Z900. The 650 shares the parallel twin found in the Ninja 650, so in theory, it might just be an updated ER-6n, which Kawasaki has discontinued in some markets.

The Z650 is expected at EICMA.
The Z650 is expected at EICMA.

In today’s world of parts interchangeability, it would not be unheard-of for a manufacturer to base two different naked bikes off the same platform (Yamaha, and arguably Honda, both do it). But the Z650 shares the same frame as the Ninja 650, instead of getting a trellis chassis like the Z900, so expect the ER-6n, hardly a flagship in the Kawi fleet despite its merits, to get the boot, or at least a rebranding.

Curb weight will be 187 kg, or 185 kg without ABS. Presumably, it gets the same tuning as the 650 Ninja, which means it will be down a bit on power over the previous version of this engine. At the time of writing this article, Kawasaki’s Canadian arm had not issued any information about its arrival


  1. Once again it looks like I fell for the reports of a new Kawasaki Z1. I had visions of something with the same classic lines of the original Z . If this picture shows the the finished product then no thanks.

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