Intermot: Schuberth introduces new C4

The Schuberth C4 is a high-end modular helmet. It looks a lot like a full-face helmet, but if you look closely at the chinbar, you can see the joint that allows the front of the helmet to flip upwards.

German helmet manufacturer Schuberth has announced its newest flagship helmet, the C4, at Intermot.

The C4 is a flip-up design like its predecessors, the C3 and C3 Pro. While the C3 Pro was well-known for its quietness, it was a bit hot to wear, despite impressive airflow specs. The marketing copy for the C4 is mostly silent on the noise issue, but emphasizes a new lining that’s supposed to be cooler to wear, along with improved venting.

The C4 also introduces a new integrated sound system, built in conjunction with Sena. Previously, Schuberth partnered with Cardo for their SRC communicators (as found in the C3 lineup). The new SC1 system will fit both the C4 and R2 helmets. The C4 lineup (we’d be surprised if further editions aren’t coming) will have a built-in antenna, speakers, and microphone as standard. This will be a much sleeker system than the current install-it-yourself equipment found on the C3 line.

The C4’s shell will be made from fiberglass, through Schuberth’s Direct Fiber Processing technique. The liner is EPS foam.

Users of the previous C3 line may remember the Pinlock visor’s reduced field of vision when fogged, particularly at the top of the visor. According to Schuberth, the new helmet’s anti-fog lens has a wide field of vision “even when the ┬árider adopts a racing posture.”

For more details, visit Schuberth’s website. This is welcome news to CMG staffers, as Schuberth’s lids have long been favourites here. We’re interested to see if the next generation holds up to that standard.

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