Intermot: Want more? Honda’s got it, with new CBR1000RR SP2

17YM CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2

Like the sound of the new CBR1000RR SP? Honda’s also got an even more edgy version, the SP2, for the true faithful.

The SP2 takes all the fancy new bits of the SP model, and adds in even more high-spec parts to create Big Red’s ultimate road-legal homologation special. This bike is limited-edition, with only 500 being made (they say); we’re guessing a fair number of those are already spoken for, by people like John McGuinness.

Here’s what’s different. The SP already has lots of upgraded pieces, but the SP2 goes even further, with a reworked engine top end. The exhaust and intake valves are larger and re-shaped for efficiency; the combustion chamber is also re-designed for efficiency (specially designed pistons, too), and Honda’s included a specialized water jacket for improved cooling. According to their press release, they drew much of this technology from their RC213V MotoGP machine.

The SP2 has the same electronics options as the SP, but with added optional settings. It also has Marchesini wheels, lighter than the SP’s hoops, and dozens of optional bits, including a factory racing kit.


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  1. Honda back from the dead?

    Impressive, now on par with the competition let’s hope Honda uses that platform in more user friendly applications…

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