Intermot: Race-ready Kawasaki ZX-10 RR

We’re not sure yet if it’s coming to Canada, but there are 500 ZX-10 RRs getting ready to hit the road – just enough to qualify Kawasaki’s latest Ninja as a World Superbike entrant.

The new RR is basically an all-round upgrade of the ZX-10 R’s engine, chassis and electronics.

2017-kawasaki-ninja-zx-10rr-01Inside the engine, the cylinder head’s been modified to allow extra clearance for fitting race-kit high-lift cams. The high-rigidity crankcase is reinforced to make sure everything stays inside and doesn’t blow out onto the track. The tappets have a Diamond-Like Carbon coating, so they can be broken in more easily for better reliability.

The seven-spoke forged aluminum Marchesini wheels are lighter and stronger, but can turn more easily with a “significantly reduced moment of inertia.” The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires should stick nicely around the track, while Brembo M50 brake calipers with grooved rotors and a radial master cylinder bring everything to a stop.



The large upper cowl of the fairing is apparently more aerodynamic than the regular superbike, though the R Ninja is hardly a brick through the wind.

Electronics upgrades include Kawasaki’s Quick Shifter that works both up and down so you don’t need to worry about that tiresome clutch, and a six-axis inertial measurement unit for improved traction control. Oh, and there’s a nice key with RR embossed on it.

The whole package looks delicious. Take a closer look at these official photos.




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