Intermot: Ninja 1000 sees updates

Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000 (or as it’s known abroad, Z1000SX) saw some updates today at the Intermot show.

The most significant upgrade is an electronics package that includes an Inertial Measurement Unit, which allowed engineers to include cornering ABS and traction control on the machine. Of course, upcoming Euro4 regs required changes to the engine management, to reduce emissions. We saw no mention of changes to horsepower output.

A new slipper clutch should reduce  rear wheel chirp on aggressive downshifts.

This bike is considered a sport tourer in Europe, and their luggage-equipped version saw tweaks to panniers and topbox. The bike also got new, brighter, LED headlights, wider fairings, and a taller windscreen — all welcome tweaks for road warriors. The seats were also upgraded to supposedly offer more comfort.

The Ninja 1000 also got a new dash, with gear indicator, a shift light, and an analogue tach.


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  1. Any word on whether you can now mount both the side bags and a top box, and what the weight rating is above curb weight? Up to now, its either a top box or side bags, and the rear seat pan mounting connection to the frame has some serious design limitations. Since all the luggage is mounted to this rear seat pan, if the connection has not been redesigned, load carrying capacity will not be improved.

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