Intermot: Moto Guzzi unveils Audace Carbon

Moto Guzzi has announced an upgraded version of its Audace cruiser.

The new Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon is basically the same as the old machine; the engine is almost the same, but with Euro4 compliant emissions and a bit more torque (89 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm). The revised engine has three riding modes, for rain, sporty riding, and touring.

There’s some carbon-fibre bodywork (front fender, gas tank), and the engine gets red valve covers to match that red Brembo caliper up front; it looks very similar to this machine that was making the show rounds a while back.

The Audace Carbon also features Moto Guzzi’s Multimedia Platform (MG-MP), already offered on some other models. It allows riders to use their smartphone as an extension of the bike’s instrument cluster, viewing details like trip odometer, average speed, acceleration, battery voltage, and other details.

While the Audace Carbon might seem a bit pedestrian when compared to muscle cruiser offerings from the competition, it shows the company is watching its competitors’ moves, and trying to stay as current as possible, given its current technology.

The Audace Carbon has not appeared on Moto Guzzi’s Canadian website yet, and we have no indication of arrival date or pricing. The regular Audace lists for $17,790, though, so it’ll be a bit north of that.

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