Intermot: BMW’s updated S1000 R and RR

There’s a bit more power – 5 hp – and a little less weight – 3 kg – for BMW’s naked sportbike, and standard Dynamic Traction Control for its flagship track machine.

The S1000 R gets a boost to 165 hp while its weight is reduced to 205 kg, thanks to lighter materials in its frame. A titanium exhaust is standard, while ABS Pro, which helps braking on corners, and an up-and-down quick shifter are both options. Forged wheels are also available that shave another 2.4 kg from the weight.

Ride mode can be selected as standard between Road and Rain (which softens everything down for the slippery surface), while settings for Dynamic and Dynamic Pro (which tighten everything up for the track) are optional. And you can have some nice red tape around your wheel rims, too.

s1000r_productpage_lightboxbig_1920x1080_05The plastic bodywork around the engine and radiator is slightly smaller than before, too, exposing more of the engine, which is now Euro4-compliant for emissions. Available colours are “motorsport” (which is blue, white and red), Catalano grey, and red and black.


The 198 hp RR is also available in a new grey-and-black colour, as well as red and white, and blue, red and white. It now comes with  a single seat and pillion cover, though a “pillion package” is available at no extra cost.

The now-standard Dynamic Traction  Control includes braking sensors with seven levels of intervention, and ABS Pro is optional.


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