Intermot: BMW’s new K1600 GT

BMW says its latest version of the two-wheeled Land Cruiser is more comfortable and more dynamic than before, with improved semi-active suspension, automatic damping adjustment and two switchable drive modes for Road and Dynamic. An up-and-down quick shifter helps take care of the clutch.

The fairing is a little more aerodynamic and protective, and there’s a Help button on the handlebar – like in the cars – that will call a central hotline for assistance if needed. There’s also¬† now a “reverse-assist” button on the handlebar to help back up the 334 kg machine – and that’s before you and your partner climb on.

You’ll look good though. BMW promises that you will be “a great sight to behold. Indeed, you leave quite an impression regardless of whether you are at a standstill or on the move.” Which is perhaps kinda telling about the German company’s perception of its riders.

The bike comes in three available colours. Take a look at them here. There’s no word yet on pricing.



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