Intermot: BMW C Evolution electric scooter

It’s not officially an Intermot debut, because the C Evolution scooter rolled silently onto the stage last week at the Paris auto show, but we’ll include it here anyway. The big electric scooter has an official range of 99 miles (160 km) and a top speed of 129 km/h, and it’s confirmed to be coming to the U.S. next year. That should mean it’ll come here to Canada, too, but there’s no official word on that yet.

It debuted at the auto show because it’s considered the future of transportation, in Europe at least, and also because it uses the same battery technology as BMW’s i3 electric car. Just like that car, and the previous electric Beemer scooter, the battery is boosted by 50 per cent to a 94 Ah unit.

The battery has a hole running through it for improved cooling, and provides 26 hp of power. A smaller version will also be sold in Europe that satisfies local licensing for novice riders.



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