Spied! Photos of Ducati SuperSport leaked before Intermot

Just ahead of its official release at the Intermot motorcycle show, photos of the Ducati SuperSport have hit the Interwebz.

We found these photos at Asphalt & Rubber, who got them from Cooper Bike. A&R’s Jensen Beeler saw the bike in person at World Ducati Week, and he confirms these photos are legit, and not some Photoshop mock-up.

As expected, the SuperSport is actually not as sporty as much of Ducati’s lineup, but instead offers a return to more sensible motorcycling — a formula that’s also being explored by Honda in recent years, although at a much lower price tag, with the CBR650.

Full details on the new bike will drop at Intermot’s press day tomorrow.



  1. Hmmmm. There’s a lot to like here. The white/red combination especially looks Just Right in that Goldilocks sorta way. The only thing I question is the seat cup a la Monster. Not much adjustment going to happen with that deep a dish.

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