Rumour: Kawasaki to finally debut Z1 900 tribute bike

Classic styling? Check. Cool chrome mufflers? Check. Retro Kawi tank badges? Check. Production ready? We're not sure ... Photo: VL

Just ahead of the show season, there’s a rumour Kawasaki is about to finally debut its four-cylinder Z1 900 homage.

Longtime CMG faithful have seen this retro naked bike before — for several years, it’s been flogged around the show circuit as a concept, most recently at least year’s EICMA show. In the months after, trademark applications by Kawasaki seemed to hint the concept bike, or something very similar, would enter production soon.

Of course, there’s been no official word from Team Green about the project. The Kawasaki factory usually keeps this stuff pretty well under wraps — you don’t see mysterious high-quality spy shots of the company’s bikes surfacing months ahead of official confirmation, like the European manufacturers. If it’s really going to happen, expect to see the bike on this year’s show circuit.


  1. If it has the classic lines of the original Z and actually adds something to the legend then I would be interested, if it’s another bloated retro with just Z decals then I’ll pass.

  2. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t look anything like the picture above. That tank and seat, on top of that frame and rear sub-frame, looks absolutely awkward and terrible. Worse than the XSR900, which isn’t the most well-integrated looking bike itself.

  3. The one on the MCN site is better but the exhaust ruins it. Obviously, Kawasaki designers mis-read the instructions on how to make a good looking exhaust because lately, they’ve all led the league in Butt Ugly.

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