Fundy Adventure Rally 2016 a success!

Although small genre-focused events like the Fundy Adventure Rally make it easier for riders to hang out with others interested in their corner of the moto-world, Dr. D. Mark Austin says that was already happening at larger rallies, with non-cruiser riders tending to split off into their own sub-groups.

The 2016 Fundy Adventure Rally is a wrap!

Over the weekend, more than 100 riders on 29 teams converged on Adair’s Wilderness Lodge just outside Sussex, New Brunswick. Thankfully, the weather was sunny this year — no tropical storm stopped by — and the demo rides, rider training, and of course, Saturday’s big ride, were all a good time.

Speaking of the rally: More riders than ever tackled “C” options this year, the hardest sections of the rally route. Some teams completed all the C options (only one team attempted last year, and failed). Three riders earned BMW’s achievement award this year, for racking up maximum points on BMW motorcycles — Ken Corkum and Scott Fraser of the NS Adventure Boys, and Bela Herman of Team Adventure + all rode GS models through the roughest parts to gain top scores.

But along with the A, B, and C roads this year (in order of increasing difficulty), this year also included an easier Scavenger Hunt route for riders on less capable bikes and tires this year, an easier 250-km ramble through the countryside instead of the 500-km ride faced by the main riding group. Several riders took part in this for the first time, and you’ll hear about some of those adventures, as well as the challenges conquered by the rest of the group, in coming days.

The Fundy Adventure Rally would like extend thanks again to sponsors BMW, Honda, Triumph, KTM, Husqvarna, SPOT, Toys for Big Boys, Atlantic Motoplex, and Kimpex.


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