Lawsuit alleges Skully founders wasted funds on strippers, Lamborghini rental

We’ve already told you smart helmet start-up Skully is kaput; now, some juicy allegations regarding the company’s demise have surfaced in the California court system.

A former Skully employee (Isabelle Faithhauer, once an assistant to CEO Markus Weller) has filed a suit in California’s Superior Court system against Skully and brother Markus and Mitchell Weller, the company’s founders. Faithhauer alleges in her lawsuit that she was dismissed unfairly from the company for, among other things, objecting to requests to falsify company expense claims. Her statement alleges the Wellers spent company funds on (among other things) strippers, world travel, swanky apartments, and a Lamborghini rental.

Faithhauer’s whole statement (which remains unproven in court) can be seen at the court’s website here. Meanwhile, Indiegogo is telling the hundreds of riders who laid down hefty downpayments on a helmet to expect having to deal with bankruptcy court for any possibility of a refund.


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