Spied! Suzuki GSX-R 250


The good people at Australian Motorcycle News have published what they claim are patent drawings of a Suzuki GSX-R 250.

The new quarter-litre Gixxer comes on the heels of Honda’s announcement of the CBR250 RR, and means Suzuki finally might have a small sportbike to compete with the rest of the Big Four. Kawasaki has had the Ninja 300 for a while, Yamaha brought out the R3, Honda’s jumped back into the game, but until now, Suzuki only had more pedestrian models like the made-in-China GW250.

The drawings published by AMCN (see more here, or here on Asphalt & Rubber, where we saw ’em) seem to show Suzuki’s new sportbike won’t use the parallel twin currently powering the GW250, although it’s hard to tell exactly what’s behind the fairing. The views of both sides of the engine seem to indicate something new, though.

Will it come to Canada? Don’t hold your breath — we already know the CBR250 RR isn’t. Although competent small-displacement bikes do have a fan base here, in a market where even 600s are often poo-poo’d as beginner bikes, a hot 250 really doesn’t have much chance, unless it’s also coming at a bargain basement price.

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