Fundy Adventure Rally updates

The rally skirts around the Fundy National Park

For those of you who aren’t getting the Fundy Adventure Rally emails, or missed the details some other way, here’s an update on a few things at this year’s FAR.

Item #1: This year, there’s a scavenger hunt added to the main rally course. This route requires no GPS (you get a paper map, which is all you need). It’s a shorter ride than the rally’s A-B-C routes (about 250 km) and you can do it on a bike with 19-inch or even 17-inch front wheels (and knobby tires, of course!).

The scavenger hunt takes in some of the best local scenery (Cape Enrage, the fishing village of Alma), and gives you a list of clues and tasks; harder tasks earn more points. Riders have six hours to complete the hunt.

You can purchase one-day and four-day passes for the scavenger hunt on the FAR website.

The Fundy Adventure Rally bag!
The Fundy Adventure Rally bag!

Item #2: The rally is offering a special run of Redverz dry bags with the FAR logo. These are high-quality dry bags with 50-litre capacity, selling for $130 at this time (limited quantity available). Email for more details.

Item #3: This year’s rally also has a 9 Minute Moto Film Festival! For more details on what that means, check out the 9 Minute Moto Films website here. Films for consideration must be submitted by Aug. 31, so if you want to put something together, get busy! Don’t forget to check out the rules, and make sure your submission follows them. Email your submission to And if you’re wondering how to make a moto-film, check out our basic guide here!

Item #4: Of course, offroad training guru Clinton Smout is back this year; due to demand, there’s an added instruction session for advanced riders on Friday. Cost is $145 for four hours (Thursday’s afternoon session is already sold out). There’s still some space left in the morning sessions ($75 for 3-4 hours). Find out more about Clinton’s training programs here.


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