Adventures in Milan! MV Agusta teases new models, courts investors

After a few weeks of radio silence, there’s plenty of chatter out of Milan again, with MV Agusta teasing a new model, and also rumours of a search for new investors.

First up — there’s a new bike coming out of the MV Agusta plant. All we know is what is visible in the image above, which MV Agusta and the Italian design firm Zagato both published. What does it mean? Presumably, that they have a new machine about to debut in September, perhaps a concept bike, but maybe even a revolutionary production model.

With only the photo to go by for now, we’ll leave the speculation alone. But even if the bike won’t be on showroom floors for months or years (cough cough, Turismo Veloce, cough cough), we’d expect a full photo of it soon — by September, at the latest, according to the photo.

The other bit of hot gossip is the rumour that MV Agusta is talking to three different parties about another financial buy-in. Right now, Mercedes-AMG owns 25 per cent of the company, and the story is that MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni is ready to sell an equal or greater share off to another party (or so Asphalt & Rubber says the Italian press is printing). This would take control of the company away from the Castiglioni family again, which they surely don’t want, but then, so would bankruptcy.


  1. Perhaps they should concentrate more on making money and less on making prototypes they’ll never sell.

    Unless this is a production model that actually resembles the teaser this is going to be boring as shit with nothing innovative except perhaps a fairing design by somebody who dropped acid before picking up the clay tools.

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