Honda CBR250RR not coming to North America


Earlier this week, the Honda CBR250RR debuted in Indonesia, leaving many in the US and Canada wondering: Is it coming here next?

According to a source within Honda Canada, the answer is “No.” The quarter-litre sportbike will not be coming to North America.

There could be several reasons for this — there’s already well-entrenched competition in the beginner sport bike market, including the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3, as well as Honda’s own existing CBR300. Or maybe Honda just doesn’t think this is a machine the North American public is open to buying. We did ask the reasoning behind the move, but our source could not tell us that, or whether or not this decision is open to change in the future.


  1. absolute bummer that his bike isn’t coming stateside. the article mentioned there is already a huge 250/300 market, however, there is NO current 250 or 300 that looks half as good as this bike does. All 250s/300s look like 250s/300s and that has prevented me from buying one. This 250 looks like a damn Ducati Panigale. I would buy this bike in a millisecond if it was available here. Shame.

    • Sooooo true !!!
      This bike would crush the market, 3 riding modes, amazing flared body, best price.
      COMMON HONDA !!!
      I would honestly book a pre order on this bike.

  2. So sad the japs keep focusing on making little rice burners which are great for riding on congested narrow roads in Asia. Meanwhile ktm and Husqvarna are pumping out fun street legal bikes 350EXC, 500EXC, 450EX, FE250S, FE350S, FE450S, FE501S. Also beta and gas gas making great mid size bikes. Bye bye japs, I had waited too long for you guys to update your ancient old bike like XR650L, DR650, DRZ400, KLR650 which are even older than me

    • Hey dude, lighten up on the racist comments. I would love to see the cbr250rr released on American shores. I would definitely buy one…!

  3. Before everyone gets all weapy (oops, too late) about this bike not coming to Canada, ask yourself how many 250/300-class motorcycles our small market can absorb.

  4. No CBR-250RR in Canada….

    Here betting when Honda has the big team meeting… Canada sits at the Kids table.

  5. Don’t think many in N.A. would want it-as a 250.Now punched out to 350? That’s a horse of a different color!

    • It would surely if they would import them considering the actual CBR 300 is a longer stroke version of the 250 found on the Asian market as are the Ninja and R3 and KTM make a 250 Duke/RC for their market

  6. With the scale that comes with offering a “world bike” and honda’s refusal to import a model into the North American market, it’s no wonder their bikes are so over priced!

      • What data do you have to base such a claim relic ?
        I doubt the distributors would care too much about Canada if they weren’t at least breaking even ?

        • The Canadian market is around 40 000 units. This means anything with 2 wheels and an engine. Divide this between several manufacturers and several model types. They are only selling a couple dozen of the less popular bikes annually. The margin has to pay for certification, parts and mechanic training, and of course promotion.

  7. Not a great move from Honda especially if the competitors update their bikes and new players like Suzuki and Aprilia decide to enter the North American market ,considering the CBR is already a bit behind that could hurt unless they lower the price and keep it as a more affordable optioni in the 300 class , something they probably can do seing the substantial rebate they have on previous years models.

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