Custom shop now offering four-wheel conversion for Polaris Slingshot

Photo: Bullet Speed and Design

It was only a matter of time before it happened — a custom shop is now offering a four-wheeled conversion for the Polaris Slingshot.

Rather unsurprisingly, the shop (Bullet Speed and Design) is based in Florida, home of such fads as stretched Honda Ruckus culture. You can view the outfit’s website here, and get some details and photos of the conversion.

The kit is a bolt-on unit, so nothing needs to be welded or cut. Bullet Speed and Design will only install the custom kit in-house, so if you want it, you’ll have to drive/ride your Slingshot down there to have the work done. The base level kit costs $10,000 USD, and there’s an upscale version for $12,500 USD.

What do you get for your money? An independent rear suspension, a limited-slip rear differential, and theoretically, more grip from the added tire. Whether the resulting machine is still classified as a motorcycle is another question.

22 thoughts on “Custom shop now offering four-wheel conversion for Polaris Slingshot”

  1. could build a very nice street legal sand rail for the cost of this thing just as much fun mine has a 300hp eco-tech I personally have driven t-rex my sand rail is way more fun way more stable and a 1/3 of he cost of a t-rex

    1. plus if you make it a 4 wheeler it no longer complies as a 3 wheeled motorcycle it becomes a car and then it again is not legal to be operated on roads of Ontario and what about rear fender coverage can’t operate the way it is shown

      which brings me to my next point why not just buy a car if you are going to go to this trouble and expense

    1. La ds les 2 cas on remédié au problème de laideur lollll
      Moi j’achèterais sa comme sa en 4roues mais jamais en 3 roues
      Perso je trouve que c vraiment un beau kit qui remedi à un afreux problème

  2. This was the most popular demo at Americade. And of course it was fun – actually got myself in “trouble” for constantly spinning the rear off the line (turned off traction control but couldn’t get the thing fully sideways – I don’t think it fully turns off).

    Clearly not a bike (need a helmet but not a motorcycle lisc.), but also not a sportscar. Steering feel, braking, handling, ergos, seats, etc. not up to par. I’d think the kit would improve things, but they’re already a bit overpriced for what you get. But fun as hell nonetheless.

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