Around the World in 80 Days: Students plan record-setting battery bike trip

University students from the Netherlands are planning to set a record by circumnavigating the globe on electric motorcycles.

Students from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven have built two electric motorcycles they plan to use to ride around the world in 80 days. That would break the latest world record (set this spring/summer) for fastest trip around the globe on any bike, let alone a battery bike. We haven’t heard of anyone riding around the world on an electric motorcycle — yet.

The students have completed two bikes they’ve been tinkering with since 2014, including a modular battery pack they designed in-house, which allows batteries to be added or subtracted to extend range or lessen weight. They supposedly have a 380-km range and a max power output of 28.5 kWh. No recharge times are mentioned, but if they plan to circle the world in 80 days, charging times must be minimal — they say they plan to use the existing electric infrastructure in the countries they travel through to keep their bikes juiced up.

Their tour will be 26,000 kms long. The team leaves Aug. 14 for their round-the-world trip. We look forward to hearing more about their adventure.


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