Video: Stunters on Ontario’s Highway 403 attract attention


Some stunt riders on Ontario’s Highway 403 raised plenty of attention this week, when a video of their high-speed antics made it to CTV News. Watch the full two-minute news clip here.

You’ll get the gist of the event from the cell phone video seen above. The witnesses to the riding claimed the stunters were well over the speed limit at times. Whether it warrants the alarm and concern shown by CTV’s host is another matter.

However, what these riders were up to is undoubtedly dangerous, especially considering their lack of gear, and also considering the consequences of getting caught in Ontario. According to, the penalties are:

  • An immediate seizure of the vehicle involved for 7 days
  • Immediate drivers licence suspension for 7 days
  • a fine between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars
  • possible drivers license suspension up to 2 years
  • 7 demerit points
  • Dramatic increase in insurance rates

Vehicle seizure and drivers license suspension are mandatory upon being charged with stunt driving by the police.

There is no court hearing or appeal for this unless the actual person charged has been impersonated.

Most insurance companies will dramatically raise insurance rates for drivers convicted of stunt driving charges as stunt driving is considered a major insurance violation.

The insurance company will consider you a “high risk driver” if you have been convicted of stunt driving.

Of course, since they’re a business that fights traffic tickets for a living, they’re motivated to put the scare in you. Nevertheless, that could be a pretty expensive series of wheelies, should these guys get caught — and as the video says, the police are looking for them. Stay tuned!


  1. They look like they are pretty well under control. The cop sure did play it up tho. If he had of seen them he would have done a high speed u-turn, on the radio under high speed, blinding flashing light weaving in and out of traffic. All the time with one hand on the wheel the other on his mike or cell phone. Well over 100mph or even 150mph. In the name of safety. But he’s a professional. What a joke..

    • Sorry but I disagree with you. IMHO the view of the rider having things under control on a public highway while doing stunt driving is dangerous. There could be debris on the road, other careless drivers, unseen potholes, construction etc. That is why professional riders do this on close circuits. The riders are endangering others on the highway and they have no rights to do so.

  2. morons like that will pay the price eventually, just hope they don’t cause injury to innocent bystander when their time comes. Experienced riders know better than doing stupid stunts like that. it’s the ones with low self esteem who feels the need to pull these stunts. pathetic when you have nothing else to be proud of and putting your life at risk for meaningless things is the only way to prove your existence

  3. On the plus side; it allows responsible motorcyclists to feel what it’s like to be a non-extremist Muslim.

    The minority does not represent the majority, but those with an agenda will think they do.

    Anyway, got to go riding now. Cheers

    • “On the plus side; it allows responsible motorcyclists to feel what it’s like to be a non-extremist Muslim.”

      I guess I’ve read dumber statements but I can’t think of one right now.

  4. Too bad there isn’t any clear shots of the licence plates.
    Why don’t the cops bust all the squids with the tags buried up under the fenders, that’s illegal too ?

  5. Is it just us, or does it not look like the riders know there’s a car alongside shooting video of them, so they put on a little show for the camera? The driver was quoted on CTV saying the riders were irresponsible and should be penalized, but when you know there’s a camera watching… We’d say the driver is as irresponsible as the riders for providing the audience.

    • I bet the person in the car was encouraging. Can’t count how many times over the years people always doing the wheelie signal to me from their car. Young, old, male and female. Anyone that has ridden sport bikes for a lengthy period would agree

    • That’s right – they wouldn’t have done any stunting if the video camera wasn’t there. Its the camera’s fault.

  6. This is nothing new. Been going on for 20+ years. Not sure why it’s news worthy now. Just look how old Star Boyz videos are now and people have been riding like that well before those videos came out

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