Rachel Lasham update!


Photo: Rachel Lasham/Wander on a Honda

Rachel Lasham, the partner in crime of mad C90 enthusiast Ed March, has finally gotten around to posting some updates on her adventures.

Many CMG readers will remember Rachel from her adventures with Ed, crossing Canada in the winter aboard a couple of vintage Honda C90s. Fast forward many months, and they’ve completed the US’s Trans-America Trail, then decided to continue their travels separately (last we heard, they were still a couple, though!).

Now, Rachel’s traveling through Mexico on her own, and she recently posted some updates on her Wander on a Honda Facebook page, giving some details of her travels over the past few weeks. Her last update from her trip is about a side diversion to a cheesemaker, after which she declares “It’s funny because it made me realise just how brilliant solo travel can be, especially as a female.” She’s out there, getting it done, alone on a crappy old Honda. What’s your excuse, again?


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