Video: A 360-degree rip up Pikes Peak aboard the Victory Empulse RR


Thanks to budgetary restraints (and, let’s be honest, a lack of talent), most of us will never have the chance to race the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. But thanks to YouTube, you can now get a pretty good idea of what the view from the saddle looks like there, without ever visiting the mountain.

Victory Motorcycles strapped a 360-degree action camera to Don Canet when he raced their Empulse RR electric superbike up Pikes Peak last month. Riding a battery bike means there’s no engine noise in the video, just whistling wind. And, of course, the warning siren the electric bike carries to warn spectators of its presence. On Pikes Peak, where spectators have been known to run across the road in front of silent EVs after assuming the course is clear, that annoying siren is a necessity.

To use the 360-degree feature, either put your cursor on the video and drag it, or use the directional tool in the top left-hand corner of the picture.

Canet was second overall in this year’s PPIHC, and winner of the electric motorcycle class.

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