Report: BMW G310R production starts

According to several motoring websites from India, production is underway for the new BMW G310R.

The BMW G310R is a big change in direction for the German motorcycle manufacturer — partly because they aren’t actually manufacturing the machine. The bike will be built by TVS, one of India’s largest motorcycle marques. While BMW has outsourced production before, the machines themselves have still been upscale machines, like their F800 GS (powered by a Rotax motor) aimed at the traditional BMW market. The G310 series is instead aimed at creating a new market.

Given the relative stagnancy of western economies, and the growing strength of the developing world, BMW is going for a bike that will appeal to lesser-monied buyers in Europe and North America, and richer riders in Asia and  similar markets. Although we’re not 100 per cent sure on Canadian MSRP, initial reports seem to indicate BMW wants to compete with Japanese bikes on entry-level pricing.

Supposedly, the liquid-cooled thumper makes 34 hp from its 313 cc motor. Indian sites claim it will also make around 65 mpg.

If production really is starting now, it’s fairly likely the bike will be released to the public at this October’s Intermot show, which is what the Indian press seems to believe as well.


  1. Boys, don’t critique the Grom, uh, G310. Did you listen to the dialogue in that video? “You have that fear, when you get out the other side of that fear, it’s the best experience in the world.” Ie., the fear of BMW parts prices?

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