More rumours surface of mid-size KTM adventure bike

For months now, there have been rumours of a new mid-sized KTM platform coming soon, and it seems the company’s CEO has confirmed that gossip.

In a recent interview with Brit rag MCN, Stefan Pierer said there’s a new 800 cc platform coming from KTM. The KTM CEO said we’ll see a Duke version first (aggressive streetgoing naked bike), and an adventure bike after that. Then, who knows? Maybe with their MotoGP project, there’ll be more interest in a streetgoing KTM sportbike?

While there wasn’t any talk of horsepower figures, Pierer did tell the interview the new 800 would be “serious” competition for Honda’s 1200 cc Africa Twin. Interesting!

So far, the rumours have the bike powered by a parallel twin, which seems to be the current industry favourite for combining usable power output with cost-effective production.

If we were betting on an arrival date, we’d guess we’d see the new KTM unveiled at this fall’s Intermot show, and certainly by EICMA.


  1. Wouldn’t the original 950/990 Adventure with some updates have been Serious competition for the Africa Twin? Having owned a 950ADV, and now a 990SMT I think it would have been.

    Since they’ve already got a well sorted 700cc single that they use in multiple platforms why not create an adventure-style bike out of it?

    • Wow, what a scoop! Sign me up for the new AT, or maybe I’ll wait for the KTM 1490 Super duper adventure with voice activated suspension.

  2. Agreed! 650 is the break point between mid-size and large. 1000+ is over sized in my opinion for an adventure bike. A loaded 400 is heavy enough when trying to pick it up in the mud…

    I’m considering modifying a Kawasaki Versys (with it’s 649cc twin) into an adventure/touring bike as there is little else to choose from that is under 650cc. Even a KLR is 651cc, with higher insurance than a Versys due to the extra 2cc’s displacement, despite its cost and simplicity…

  3. 800cc is not a ‘mid-size’ platform – 400 to 650cc is.
    Manufacturers (and the press) have jumped the shark yet again, why ? Because there’s a bigger profit margin in larger displacement machines and its easier to meet EC and North American emissions standards.
    Oh well, let them bring it on, the hipstahs will love it….

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