Yamaha concept bikes take a weird turn

In the past couple of years, Yamaha introduced some far-out concept bikes that looked wacky but useful. However, their latest two look like they might be practical jokes, not realistic styling exercises.

For some background, take a look at the 01GEN, shown at the 2014 Intermot show. A leaning three-wheeler? Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a semi-practical ride, and one with a market for sure. Or what about the 03GEN-X, first seen at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show? The Ruckus-like styling, combined with leaning three-wheeler capability, makes this concept look like a sure success if introduced to market.

Now, take a look at the Yamaha’s 05GEN and 06GEN concepts above (more photos in gallery below). Both go on display at the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture next month, in case you happen to be in the area and want a snap …

The 05GEN is the model with the pedals and funky windscreen; the pedals provide assistance to the electric engine when needed, making this a futuristic moped.

The windscreen also doubles as a sort of roof, folding down in storage, and has a panel that opens in front when the weather is nice and the rider wants bugs in their teeth (or when the windscreen got too dirty to see through?).

The 06GEN is the model that’s modeled after a veranda. It looks like lane-splitting would definitely be a chore with this machine, making us wonder why it’s intended to serve as a commuter machine in urban environments. You’ll note that one photo below shows the machine can even be driven from a wheelchair, proving this is indeed the ultimate family-hauler in Asia, a continent that thinks nothing of seeing four or five people hanging off a motorcycle.


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  1. Let’s not forget the Yamaha C3 scooter that was met with (ahem) less than overwhelming enthusiasm in North America ?
    As for the 06GEN, perhaps its more suitable for the golf course or log splitting…

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