Mark Richardson for the big chair

We’re pleased to announce Mark Richardson as the new editor of Canada Moto Guide. He’s been involved with the site for many years, contributing in various roles since he was the motorcycle columnist for the Toronto Star newspaper. He became the Star’s Wheels Editor and got interested in cars, but Mark’s been a full-time freelance automotive writer for the last four years. He’s now a contributor to The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, and we’re very pleased to have him in charge at CMG with his first love: bikes.

-Courtney Hay, Publisher

Is it a throne, or is it electric? It looks like Mark’s getting a jolt of CMG.


This year is the 20th anniversary of CMG, and we’re looking forward to the next couple of decades of the best motorcycle coverage in Canada.

I’m the new editor, looking after the site’s content following the death of founder Rob Harris last month. Rob was such a dynamic force that people asked if we were planning to pack it all in now – how could CMG continue without Rob? But the truth is that while Rob established it, it grew to become bigger than just him. Much bigger.

We’ve got a core team here who all love motorcycles and who all share Rob’s vision based on honesty, perceptive analysis, useful advice, and a sense of humour. I can’t think of another site that combines those values as well as CMG, so I grabbed the opportunity offered to me to help the magazine broaden its horizons and continue to grow  from those cornerstones.

We’ve got a ton of stories coming down the pipe, and trips planned, and bikes to ride. Yes, we’re the new CMG, but we’ve not lost sight of where we’ve come from.  This is summertime in the greatest country in the world, so we’re getting out there on the asphalt and into the mud – sometimes both, and sometimes intentionally – to make the most of it. I hope when you get back in from your own ride, you’ll look us up on your phone or computer to see how we add to your own experience. And if you don’t have a motorcycle right now, that’s okay too – we’ll help you choose one, and in the meantime, you can live vicariously through CMG.

I’ll leave the last word with Founding Editor ‘Arris, from an article he was working on: “As we find so often in life, the easiest path is rarely the best one, but I’m betting it all that our path is the right one. Love or hate CMG the one thing I hope you do agree on is that we’re honest, and if that is the case, then I’m a happy man.”

– Mark Richardson, Editor, Canada Moto Guide


  1. Just opened up CMG this morning and learned Mark is now Le Grande Fromage here–fabulous news. The Toronto Star’s loss is the CMG’s (and the Globe & Mail’s) gain.

  2. So happy to hear. Can’t think of a better choice for this whacky, information-filled site than Mark. Best of luck.

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