Graham Jarvis wins Erzberg Rodeo

Graham Jarvis performs during Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016 in Eisenerz, Austria on May 29, 2016

Photo: Yana Stancheva/Red Bull Content Pool

This past weekend, Husqvarna’s Graham Jarvis was the winner of the 22nd Erzberg Rodeo.

The Erzberg Rodeo Hare Scramble, held in Austria, is one of the world’s premium hard enduro events (sometimes it’s known as the Erzbergrodeo). Just finishing the 30-km+ race is difficult, with only nine competitors completing this year’s event. Jarvis won with a margin of over a half hour (just under two hours, 20 minutes), emphatically placing him atop the heap of racers.

Jarvis last won the race in 2013, and was part of the four-man squad that was awarded a joint win last year.

Jarvis began in the second row, but moved forward quickly to establish his lead.

I got a good start and managed to start making my way forward through the pack,” he said in the Husqvarna press release. “In one of the first sections in the woods I found a really good line and managed to get up a technical climb ahead of some of the others. After that I just tried to relax and do what I know I can do through the more technical sections.”

Although we haven’t seen the official YouTube highlight reel from the event yet, we know it’s coming, and it’s always a good one. Stay tuned for that taste of moto-goodness in the weeks ahead. Of course, Canadian off-road racing fans should already remember seeing Graham Jarvis star in this little gem from Traction e-Rag fairly recently …


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