PEI to tackle loud pipes this summer


That potato-potato sound might be a little quieter this summer in the Garden of the Gulf.

According to CBC, PEI’s RCMP have announced a crackdown on noisy motorcycles this summer. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any talk of fancy technology like the noise trap Calgary tried — a police officer says they’ll be conducting roadside checks to root out bikes that are making more noise than allowed by the Highway Traffic Act.

The CBC article doesn’t say what that decibel limit will be, or when the crackdown will begin.

Although newspapers across Canada are full of complaints about loud pipes every spring, this is the first time we’ve seen a whole province take a stand against noisy motorcycles — although it’s a province with less population than Canada’s larger cities.


  1. I live in summerside.In the summer it’s really stressful living here because of these things.The police force is small here and the guys who inforce the law know a lot of these people with the noisy bikes. Cops have families and there hands are tied for the most part. A lot of these people travel in packs for a reason.We have a few living around us and they really think it’s normal to rev up.If you talk to them they react like dog owners when you complain about barking at night.What you don’t like dogs ?They don’t get it and they never will. I think these people really ruin an otherwise perfect province.Sad really.

  2. Good luck enforcing that one without a decibel threshold. Total waste of time, they’ll lose in court. They need to change the Highway Traffic Act and make it measurable for all vehicles. I don’t mind some noise but those annoying ear bleeding bikes, cars etc have got to go.

    • Something the residents and tourists there will probably appreciate.

      I was sitting at a restaurant in Chippewa on Sunday, having an early lunch, when a bunch of pirates rolled in. Honestly, does it really take 5 minutes to park your bikes, blipping your throttles the whole time, with a few backfires thrown in for good measure? Everybody sitting out on the patio enjoying the beautiful morning was looking at those guys like the inconsiderate tools that they are.

    • Probably not. You may lose a few RUBs and ricky racers, but this just makes PEI a little bit more attractive to people who like a little peace and quiet like families, young couples and Beemer riders.

      • Has anyone actually stayed away from PEI because of loud motorcycle exhaust pipes? I find them annoying myself but have never avoided a place because of them.

        Decibel meters are not required for noise laws to be enforced, they are simply a tool just like a breathalyzer.

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