Canadians abroad: Donington results

It was another tough weekend for Canadians in World Superbike support classes, as both Braeden Ortt and Stacey Nesbitt saw disappointing results in their respective races.

Ortt, who’s the youngest-ever competitor in World Supersport, earned a DNF after crashing out on the second lap (veteran Kenan Sofuoglu won the race). It’s bad luck for Ortt, who’s not seeing great results since moving up from the European Junior Cup.

Speaking of the EJC — Stacey Nesbitt, who’s racing in the female class, was last in their race. Avalon Biddle won that class, as she has all season. Nesbitt was a lap back from Mika Perez, winner of the EJC race (which runs concurrently with the women’s class).

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