Chloe and Cate Harris Trust Fund

Taking in the view in BC during a 2002 tour.

We have set up a fund in trust for Rob Harris‘ children Chloe (7) and Cate (8).

Donations to the trust fund can be made via logo_paypal_106x28


Or, if you wish, donations can be made at any TD Bank using the following information:

Transit #24002
Institution # 004
Account # 6322881

For international transfers, please contact us.

Thank you again to the entire community of friends, family and supporters during this difficult time.


  1. Hi thanks for setting this up.
    I’m having trouble making an international transfer though – can you please confirm the following?
    Recipient name and address
    Bank branch and address
    Thanks very muchly

    • Hi James, thank you so much. I will try to get this info ASAP.

      In the mean time, for international transfers, it may just be easier to donate via Paypal.

      Thank you again!

  2. It would be more effective if the donations were on kick starter or other crowd software. It would make it so much easier to donate and none of this swift code stuff. Think about it.

  3. FYI TD Bank here in Maine says they can’t do the transfer with that information but if they could there would be a $40 fee. Could we possibly send money through PayPal?

  4. The trust fund is great to see! We all love motorcycling but none of us would ever expect to leave our kids. Can’t help but get all emotional just thinking about it.

    Also I consider it payback to having access to a great motorcycle site for free for all these years (great job Rob!). I probably spent a ton buying print mags during that time so…

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