Details: Visitation, memorial service, CMG Pub Night

Editor 'Arris tinkers on the long-term Honda CRF250L project bike.

Sackville Memorial Service: Saturday, May 28, 2-4 PM at the Purdy Crawford Centre For The Arts, Motyer-Fancy Theatre, Sackville, New Brunswick, Mount Allison University campus
For motorcycle riders, space is being reserved in the Mount Allison parking lot P2.

Toronto Memorial Service: Saturday, May 21, 12 PM (reception follows service), R.S. Kane Funeral Home, Toronto, Ontario

CMG pub night: Saturday, May 21, 6 PM, The Bull and Firkin, 1835 Yonge Street, Toronto.

Update: Trust fund details below

For all Rob’s friends and CMG fans who have been asking how/when they can pay their respects, here are the details.

Visitation with family will take place at the R.S. Kane Funeral Home (6150 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, from 11:30 AM to 2 PM on Thursday, May 19. Visitors are reminded that this is to be a time of respect — you’ll have your chance to show up in your Mad Bastard costume at the pub night later.

The memorial service for Editor ‘Arris will take place at the R.S. Kane Funeral Home at noon on Saturday. Like Thursday’s visiting hours, this is open to all.

On Saturday evening, starting at 6 PM, we’re having another CMG Pub Night in honour of Editor ‘Arris at the Bull and Firkin, scene of many a similar CMG event in the past! The Bull and Firkin is at 1835 Yonge Street, Toronto, just south of Davisville. We’re looking forward to reuniting with the CMG faithful here.

For east coast friends unable to make it to Toronto this weekend, there will be an opportunity for you to pay your respects in Sackville. We will share those details when possible, but arrangements have not been finalized yet.

The family is very grateful to all thoughts and comments that have been expressed and left online. If you have a memory of Rob to share, please continue to post them to the CMG memorial articles, or to the CMG Facebook page.

As well, friends of Rob may wish to click here to listen to an interview by CBC Radio 1 with Rob’s friend, and sometimes collaborator, Mark Richardson. The family wants to thank him for his help with the interview, which you can hear at this link.

Finally, we’ve had several people asking how they can contribute to Rob’s daughters, Cate and Chloe. Family friends are working on setting up a trust fund for them. We’ll share details when they’re available.

We have set up a fund in trust for Rob Harris’ children Chloe (7) and Cate (8).

Donations can be made at any TD Bank using:

Transit #24002
Institution # 004
Account # 6322881
Swift Code (International): TDOMCATTTOR

Optionally, we have also setup a Paypal button, as some readers had requested an easier way to contribute:



  1. I was saddened by the news of Rob’s passing. Even though I never had a chance to meet Rob I have friends that did and talked fondly of him.
    I did meet Courtney once a few years ago when my girlfriend and I were coming out of Mel’s on Bridge street in Sackville and putting on our helmets when I looked up at a woman walking across the street and waving to us. Courtney introduced herself as Rob’s wife and started asking us about our trip. We chatted for a few minutes about CMG and ROB and the trip he was on at that time. It was a great moment during our ride.
    Our hearts go out to Courtney, Cate and Chloe and to the entire CMG family. We our very sorry for your lose.

    Gislain and Liette from Ottawa.

  2. Sorry to have missed the Toronto event. I would have liked to have met you all and celebrated Rob. I’ll keep watching for updates on the Sackville memorial.

  3. From the description in an earlier segment, it sounds like the front tire slid out. This is a common issue with big ds and their high Centre of gravity combined with low grip surfaces.
    My opinion is that countersteering (push on the left handgrip to turn left) is the cause of the fall.
    Everyone has seen ghost rider videos where the rider falls off and the bike keeps going. This same self-stabilizing effect operates while cornering, but only if the rider doesn’t interfere.
    The reaction of pushing on the handgrip is the opposite of what the bike is trying to do to balance itself.
    Riding instructors talk about countersteering. World champions talk about body position and weight shift.

  4. Rob was a volunteer Board member for four years with our organization, CBDC Westmorland Albert, as a representative from the business community of Sackville NB. We had the opportunity to get to know Rob and for him to share his expertise in running a business with new entrepreneurs and expanding businesses in the region. He was a great guy and very caring. He will be missed by all. Words cannot express the deepest condolences that we convey to Rob’s wife Courtney and their young daughters.

  5. We met you once Rob only but you deeply touched us. It was in Sackville on a beautiful winter day in 2014. We were new foster parents then. Louis took the boys to slide down the hills of the beautiful Mount A’s campus. You were there too sliding with your daughters. One of the boys hit a tree whilst sliding down and fell down and stopped moving for a fraction of second. Louis got the scare of his life…but Thank Goodness an amazing Samaritan dad slided so fast to help Tony. It was you! Thank you for your selflessness and kindness. This is how Louis and you met and enjoyed chatting together. At the end of this afternoon, I had the chance to meet Courtney, Cate and Chloe myself (for the first time). To your Courtney and your girls (your family), to your kin/friends in Canada and in the UK, and to your “big family” of motorcyclists here and there (everywhere!) we say: Our hearts go to you all. Rest in peace Rob and may your memory be eternal. Courtney, you are in our prayers now. Much love, Louis/Rima

  6. I don’t know and never met Rob. However, we are very distantly related by marriage as my Brother in Law Joe is Courtany’s Uncle. I too am from Yorkshire and know Cold Bath Rd in Harrogate very well indeed. I read Rob’s story on this site and found it very moving indeed. He sounded like a great bloke and my condolences go to his family.

    Peter Beecroft UK

  7. It was a pleasure to know Rob and share in the fun during the [many] Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. Rob brought a unique twist to the Canadian motorcycle community through his own passion for the sport. He is and will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. Rest in peace Rob. Heartfelt condolences to Courtney, his daughters – and to family/friends. Grateful to have crossed paths with you.

  8. When we heard of Rob’s passing we all felt a deep heart felt sorrow. He was one of our longest and biggest fans. We had done many shows for Rob in Toronto and Montreal and all were a great time. We have many fond memories because of Rob and to that we are truly grateful. Our condolences go out to his Family and Friends. The world lost a caring, hardworking and dedicated man and should be sad.
    Thanks for everything Rob.
    Johnny Rev and the Pushrods.

  9. I am incredibly sad – and speechless. We all have so many fond memories of Rob throughout the years. Please give him the sweet farewell he so deserves. My thoughts are with his family from England and especially his wife and children.

  10. I am sorry that I am not going to be able to attend as I will be out of the country. I was trying to remember where/how I first met Rob and I think it was when I took the motorcycle repair course in Toronto. I have many fond memories involving Rob and the world of motorcycles. From borrowing time after hours on the Macs at work (Nortel) in order to lay out issues of OMG in DTP software, to being one of the riders on the Yamaha BWS 50 at the Numb Bum. You never quite knew what would happen next, but it was bound to be entertaining.

    My condolences to Courtney and his daughters.

  11. I’m honoured I got to know Rob Harris many years ago. In the late 90s I enrolled in an evening motorcycle repair course at Centennial College in Toronto and he was my instructor. He knew very well that the Internet would take off, and he wanted to find someone to help him with a web site design…. I introduced him to my son, Patrick, who has been working quietly, behind the scenes ever since with Rob, Courtney and all their collaborators over the years. Patrick has lost a good friend. Rob had such passion for motorcycles, a great intellect. A talented writer and editor, he was a family man and had a sense of humour that one could never, ever, forget. What a damn shame. RIP Mr. Rob “le grand fromage” Harris

  12. Last time I went to the Bull & Firkin, I went with Shakin and CiTO. My beloved RZ grenaded a piston.

    It was awful … being seen with Chris and Ian.

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