Rob Harris killed in crash


Cate and Chloe Harris Trust Fund donations:

CMG’s founder, publisher and editor-in-chief Rob Harris died in a motorcycle crash in Ontario today. We’ll be back with you in a few days. Thanks for the support we’ve already received from the community and friends.


  1. Devastated! I only recently conversed with him by e-mail after his trip to Victoria,BC in March . We met in the early days of CMG and did Ontario rides with Mr Tate and Big Bearded Biker. Did some white water rafting on the Ottawa River in the early 2000 i think . A wonderful fellow Yorkshireman with a great sense of humour .I can’t believe he’s gone .

  2. RIP Rob!

    Remembering way back to OMG days and beyond……..

    Thanks so much for your wit, your laughter, for being you……
    My deepest condolences to the Kids, Family, and Friends.

    Lovingly, in our hearts forever,
    Art Jackes / WORK OF ART

  3. Just heard the sad news today, and find it hard to believe.
    As fellow members of the Canadian motorcycle community, the British Cycle Supply Company crew would like to extend condolences from Nova Scotia to the Harris family and all his friends for the loss of such a cool, dynamic guy that Rob obviously was.
    RIP Rob.

  4. My sincere condolences to Courtney and the girls and all of Rob’s family & friends. I’d only met Rob briefly a few years ago while working with Courtney in Dieppe. From all the messages I’ve read online, he was a very special person, well loved by all who knew him. RIP Mr. Harris

  5. Still cannot believe this has actually happened. Have been staring at this page headline for three days trying to wish it away but it remains. I only met Rob once many years ago at one of the Toronto motorcycle shows (International Centre I think) and had a laugh with him over something silly (maybe my accent). I only visit two motorcycle websites every day and this is one of them. That started out because of Rob’s writing. Rest In Peace Rob. My deepest condolences to Rob’s family and friends.

  6. It has taken me some time to process this horrible news. Rob was staying at my place in Vancouver when he came out to do the Honda thing in March. We had plans to ride in the Kootenays at some of the adventure rallies that are coming later this summer. My family, Danette and Declan (7) and Gigi (5), want Courtenay, Chloe and Cate to know that we are thinking of them. If there is anything we can do from so far away, please let us know.

    Rob always made a point of staying with us on his trips out West (unless he had convinced a swanky hotel to give him a free room…) or at least having dinner with my family when he was here. The CMG West Clubhouse was the running joke. Guinness the beagle will miss his sleeping buddy as well.

    We met Rob around 2002 or 2003 when Rob was out here testing some bike or other and my wife and I were about to go on a 10 day trip on our bike. In typical CMG fashion Rob had missed his flight or was trying to keep the bike for longer (to quote Rob, it had all gone CMG) We were all geared up and ready to go and waiting for Rob to figure out his problem and get out of the house when Danette said “Just give him the keys to the house and tell him to lock up when he’s done ” And she stalked away in exasperation. Rob later joined on that trip in Kimberley BC and we all became great friends.

    To all of Rob’s family and friends , please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever get to Vancouver, we would love to meet you and show you around.

    Rest in Peace Rob

    Patrick, Danette, Declan and Gigi Harkness

  7. I knew Rob from the early 2000s, finally meeting the man behind the little pink zine.
    CMG became a place that I met many fine people and I was fortunate to have rode with Rob
    on one occasion. We lose a great lynch pin of two wheeled fun and friendship.

  8. Very sad news; remember Rob encouraging me to do a wheelie, burnout, anything dramatic (failed on all counts) for a photo shoot in alley behind his house, delivering print mags to motorcycle shops, and contributing some controversy in the early days.

    • Shocking news!. I had met Rob a couple of times at the Dawn to Dusk rally and the Fundy Adventure Rally, and of course, read a lot of his work on the website. He was a real enthusiast, and we are all poorer for his loss. We hold onto life by a slender thread it seems, and one never knows when it will end.. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, He had a positive impact on a great many people and will be fondly remembered. .

  9. I had the pleasure of knowing Rob in the early days of CMG. RIP Rob. My sincerest sympathy to Rob’s family and close friends.

  10. I’ve read dozens of his articles here, and recognized ‘Arris name as soon as I saw the CBC headline.
    I’m the same age, and it’s sobering to think how suddenly we can end our journey in life.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  11. Dear All,

    I am Rob’s brother, Mike. I am so deeply touched by all these comments. I’ve always known him as a great Human Being, and these comments serve to reflect that so beautifully.

    I am flying over, with Sarah, our sister, to Toronto tomorrow to be with Courtney and the girls, and I shall no doubt have the pleasure of meeting some of you at the Service.

    Many thanks to you all, Rob will be so sadly missed by so many.


    • Hello Mike, I am an old bike mechanic who helped Rob with any mechanical difficulties that he encountered here in Sackville. On April the 10th I showed him how to remove a squashed woodruff key from his Kawasaki crankshaft just before we went inside an watched the US Moto GP race in Texas. I laced and trued some spoked wheels for him, fixed his Honda snowblower carb a couple of years ago, and stuff like that. My wife and I welcomed him and Court to Sackville before they moved here. I loved him, he was such a card, so full of life and energy. Within 5 minutes of meeting him, it was like I’d known him all my life. His last words to me were “Awright mate, see you soon!” Then that big wonderful smile and a wave. That’s how I will always remember him.

      • Ya Norm, I have never met anyone quite like Rob. One hell of a guy!! It was an honor to know him as a friend and my heart is truly broken that he has been taken away from us all. Unbelievable for me really!!

    • Dear Mike,

      I was was really sorry to hear about Rob and I am really sorry for Courtney, his daughters, you and Sarah. I can’t imagine how hard it must be. It’s good you and Sarah can be there to be with his family. Sincere condolences.

      John Pocklington.

  12. I met him a couple of times at the motorcycle shows, exchanged few emails and pictures from my visit at EICMA in Italy back in 2010. Great guy! R.I.P. Rob. Condolences to the family.

  13. I am devastated, Rob was a great guy, my fellow Brit in the marsh, always happy to help. My condolences to his young family


  15. I know Rob for now 10 years and I am extremely sad to hear this bad news. Motorcyclists are usualy passionate about the motorcycle sport but Rob was really in a different category…. God speed you Rob. My condolences to the family amd friends.

  16. I knew Rob back in the early 90s. I wrote some articles for his first publication, the OMG. He was a great guy and will be missed.

  17. My deepest condolences to his family & to all of his friends & colleagues. Terrible news that struck a deep chord in me. RIP good sir; I never met you in life though I enjoyed your journalism. I look forward to meeting in the Heareafter & hoist an unending pint together.

    To the rest of us, hug your loved ones.

    God speed ‘Arris.

    John Daley

  18. Please accept our deepest sympathies from all of us south of the border.
    Sev Pearman, past editor, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly®, one of “The Americans”, 2007 Mad Bastard

  19. I first met Rob when he rolled up to a spring motorcycle show with a cast on his leg and a pair of crutches bungeed to his 750 Honda. The weather was cold but he was unconcerned about his personal discomfort. It was obvious that he was someone out of the ordinary, thanks in part to the Yorkshire accent, his sense of humour and perennially cheerful disposition. Tall and handsome, he combined charm with ambition and capacity for hard work to make his mark in a new country.
    His love of motorcycling was obvious but it also became apparent that he had sound journalistic instincts and a head for business. Lacking any corporate funding, he recognized early on that traditional publishing formats would decline in the face of online technology. Rob soon figured out how to make that work to his benefit. As Ontario Motorcycle Guide morphed over time into CMG Online, Rob himself migrated from Ontario to Quebec and then to New Brunswick. Any time I heard about him he was either holding pub nights with his readers and fans or busy riding motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and whatever else in a quest for good times on two wheels, while making Canada Moto Guide a must-read package for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in motorcycling.
    It’s a real blow to hear of his passing and a loss to all of us. I dedicate my next pint of English ale to the memory of the charismatic Editor ‘Arris.

    • The Power Sport Services team were devastated to learn of Rob’s passing. Rob’s enthusiasm and humour will always be remembered. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and friends. Rob will truly be missed.

  20. This one really hurts. I’ve enjoyed Rob’s contributions to the scene over the years, and had the pleasure of meeting him in person once. It was obvious his passion for motorcycles and people, and his enthusiasm was infectious. He will be missed.

  21. Very sad to hear of Rob’s passing. I didn’t know him well, but have met him a few times and known him as “Editor ‘Arris” (the lanky bastard) since ’97. A great loss for the Canadian motorcycling scene and, of course, his friends. My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and other acquaintances.

    • This comment was really not adequate on my part. Rob and the OMG, which became CMG, CMG online, and finally Canada Moto Guide, have been a part of my riding life since I moved to Ontario in the fall of ’96 and got my first new bike in the spring of ’97. CMG was key in connecting me with some friends I’ve had ever since. CMG and the Canadian motorcycling scene in general will never be the same again. It’s the end of an era, I’m afraid.

  22. No no nooooo…. Please no… I am speechless … Not Rob… I shot so many photos for Rob and the Mad Bastard videos too…. We’d chat about bike bits, his family… Courtney my heart goes out to you so dearly now…. So sad…. I am in shock…

  23. Sorry to hear about Rob’s passing. I’ve met Rob a few times and he was a great guy and really supported the motorcycling community. Definitely will miss him and his work. – Mike Le Pard, Founder, Total

  24. I met Rob though Cycle Canada and at various events over the years, and he was always a ton o’ fun! We hung out at CMG Pub Nights and he usually had a kickass story to tell. He also gave my good friend Piero Zambotti his very first writing job way back when, and I know he was a fantastic mentor to him and a great support to all of us when Piero died. Some people just seem to earn their wings and fly on up outta here earlier than the rest of us! My heart goes out to his wife and kids, his family, friends and fans. He will be missed…

  25. No! It can’t be. The father of the Mad Bastard Scooter Rallys – I first met Rob in Gatineau in 2009, in Barrie in 2011 and in Belleville in 2013. It won’t be the same. So sorry to hear of this loss. Condolences to his wife and family.

    • Very sad to hear about Rob. I have a great memory of him on a rainy Triumph demo ride with Steve Crover. God bless his family.

  26. Rob could always make a person feel so welcomed. He was always eager to hear what you had to say, and enjoyed having two way conversations. He is a memorable person and will be forever. My heart goes out to his family.

  27. so very sad to hear of robs passing, was looking forward to a trail ride when he got back.thoughts are with family

  28. Still in shock .. a mutual friend intriduced us shortly after I got my bike licence, 1998 I think … we became friends and stayed friends from Toronto to each of us ening up in the Maritimes. No words do justice to what a great person Rob was, and to the hole he leaves in many lives.

  29. I only met Rob via his writing, but found him an informative, fun guy. My study of these things leads me to believe that this world does not have far to go. God obviously needed an advance guard for the kind of madcap japes we will get up to once in Heaven. Just imagine the best bike you ever rode, without any of the faults and free petrol, and Rob will be leading the crew! Book your place. Read the Bible to learn how to qualify. Please don’t grieve, he gave us enormous pleasure, and we will meet him again. His life should be celebrated!

  30. Such heart breaking news. Rob was such a wonderful guy and he will be greatly missed. My condolences to Rob’s beautiful family and greater family alike. Courtney I am so sorry for you and the girls. And my sincere sympathy to all of the CMG community. I will cherish the memories I have of Rob always.

  31. I only met Rob once, many years ago. He was a warm and engaging man. His personality and sense of humor came through in his work. A tragic loss for his family and friends, and my deepest condolences to all.

  32. My deepest condolences to Courtney and the girls.
    I shared breakfast with Rob and Jim yesterday morning and we were all looking forward to the day ahead.
    We were, and still are, in shock over this tragic event.
    It is unreal to think that Rob was not going to be part of the evening’s storytelling, and our community is now a poorer place for having lost him – but still a better place for having known him.

  33. My riding and debate mate for many a mile and smile. The memories are long and the sadness deep – rest peaceful.

  34. My wife Cecilia and I welcomed Rob and Courtney to Sackville NB when they were looking for a town to settle in, and they found a wonderful home here. Steve Bond introduced them to us so we could show them around a bit and help them find the right house to grow their family. We are both utterly stunned at the news. We’re gonna miss that motorcycle personality. He was an incredible fellow.

  35. I know Rob since many years and this bad news make’s me really sad. I spoke to him last week at the Classique ride. My god that is sad. Ciao Rob .

  36. I met Rob back in 1994, he was th first to work on my first bike. We worked together briefly at Ajax motorbike. I remember when he started Toronto Motorcycle Guide, my 1995 ZX7 build is in one of the issues. Fantastic man, funny as all hell. If I remember correctly he loved this British stuff call Marmite lol. On our pitstops from thrashing on old bikes he would always put it on hi toast. Horrid looking stuff lol. I’m truly saddened by this loss and my heart goes out to Courtney love his daughters. Breaks my heart and still in shock. The measure ho great a person is, is to see th impact they left on others. I haven’t seen him in years, but his presence has always lingered with me.

  37. This is terrible news. My condolences to all Rob’s family and friends and this is a sad day for the motorcycle community in Candad.

  38. I’m very sorry to hear this news. I wish my condolences to his family and loved ones. I’ve been reading Rob since OMG days and it is sad to lose a solid Canadian voice for all of us.

    Mark Klunder

  39. Rob was one of the loudest voices for motorcycles in Canada, and it’s absurd that he should be silenced this way. He was one of the best people I’ve ever known. Just gutted.

  40. RIP Mr. Harris. I remember back in the OMG days when every issue could have been the last issue but he kept going on and with determination. I knew him, for what it seems like now, a lifetime ago and from the posts it looks like he never changed. He was a great guy to work with, to have a pint with and to ride with. Condolences to his friends and especially to his family. He will be missed.

  41. Lots of upset people at Shannonville this morning when the word got around. We had a moment of silence at the riders’ meeting and I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes.

  42. Hard to believe it. My heart felt condolences to Rob’s family. I’ve known Rob since 1996 and watched him transition from the printed page to the online world…he was an adventurer and ahead of his time even back then. Rest in peace my friend. Let’s hope the scotch tastes as good on the other side!

  43. Terrible news. I feel so bad for him and his family. Rob was an awesome man. Someone to look up to. He will be missed. Sad.

  44. Rob was a lovely guy, so easy to like, impossible not to like. This is crushing news. My sincere condolences to Courtney and the girls, and to all who knew him.

  45. Very saddened to hear this. My thoughts go out to his family… I was fortunate Rob let me write/ride for him. He was a gentleman and an honest and true spokesman for motorbiking

  46. Terrible news – Rob was a great person, and a needed unique voice of the Canadian Motorcycling community. As an occasional contributor to CMG his editing made me a better writer as well – terrible terrible news 🙁

  47. So sorry to hear about this. Just caught up with Rob at the February bike show in T.O. My fondest memories are the MBR’s, and I’d completely forgotten about the pub nights. My thoughts are with the family.

  48. Courtney,
    So sorry to hear of your loss. I first heard of Rob when mom and dad rented your fathers cottage. There were all these cool adventure motorcycle books around and my cousin Beth told me who Rob was. So sorry!!

  49. I’ve known Rob since his days printing Toronto Motorcycle Guide. When he came back to Toronto for the CMG pub nights I drove him home on a few occasions. Always great banter. A truly lovely guy! My sincere condolences to his family.

  50. I am at a loss for words 🙁 i met Rob shortly after I started riding in 2001 @ one of the famous Pub Nights in downtown Toronto. Many of the friends I have today I met through those same pub nights.

    My condolences to “Editor ‘Arris’s” Family & Friends. You my friend will be terribly missed

  51. I only met the man once or twice at the motorcycle show but he was a stand-up guy and a lot of fun to chat with.

    My condolences to all of family and friends.


  52. I’ve never met Rob Harris and it looks like I really missed out. He died doing what he loved, and I think that’s the best anyone can hope for. He won at life.

    My utmost condolences to his family and loved ones. RIP Rob Harris, a great contributor to motorcycling in Canada. You will be missed.

  53. I first met Rob via an old girlfriends friend back in 1985. He was riding an XL185 in this days the subsequently a CB200. I moved to South Africa and lost touch but when I got back to the UK in 2001 managed to track him down and found out he was living in Canada. Managed to meet up a few times when he came back to visit and was hoping to see him and Courtney when they were over here again in the near future. A truly remarkable fellow biker that inspired me to get back on a bike after 16 years of not riding. RIP old friend we will ride again together one day on that highway in the sky.

  54. Having briefly met Rob while taking part in a D2D rally last held on a rainy August day… this is indeed sad news to hear. Once again I am reminded of the creed I personally have tried to live my life by, as I’m certain RH did.

    You only live once, make the best of it that you can. Dream it, plan it… just do it.

    God speed Rob… deepest condolences to the family and my friend Zac.

    Frank Simon

  55. I feel fortunate to have met Rob, that mad man and his infectious humour.
    Very sad news that his life here is not longer.
    He will be missed by all who ever met the sarcastic basted.
    God speed Rob.
    Condolentes to his family and to all who called him friend.

  56. A sad reminder of the risks involved in what we all here love. It can, and did happen to the best of us. Condolences to the ‘arris family. He will not be forgotten.

  57. One of the greatest and most visible proponents of motorcycling that Canada has ever had. Will be sorely missed by all. Condolences to the family.

  58. Very very sad news. I met Rob recently in Victoria at the Africa twin launch. He was such a nice man. A true enthusiast. I saw him again last weekend when he traveled “south” to Quebec to attend a rally. He was smiling, talking to everybody and seemed to be enjoying every moment of it. He was happy. I ll keep this of image of him with me while riding. Godspeed Rob.

  59. Truly sad news. He was a welcome guest and accommodating host, always had a kind word, always decent. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to his family. A loss for us all.

  60. The best tribute to a man, is the warm memories they leave friends and even strangers. Rob is missed and our lives shaken by this loss. My condolences to his young family and the entire motorcycle community. We lost a good man.

  61. My condolences to Rob’s family. Always an energetic and interesting fellow, he was a great ambassador for the motorcycle community. We’re all going to miss you Rob.

  62. A terrible loss to the magazine and the riding community. Rob was always a cordial and jovial fellow

    Prayers for his family and close friends at this difficult time.


  63. Damn it! Rob you were a great friend to me and one very special person that brought such warmth and happiness to all those around you. You certainly lived life to the fullest! I am totally in shock. So sorry Courtney.

  64. I am shocked and saddened by the news of Rob’s passing. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. The motorcycle community has lost a great ambassador. RIP Rob.

  65. Rob you will be missed. My deepest condolences to family and friends. Rob, you may have been a brit but I considered you one of our Canadian icons. The place just won’t be the same without you.

  66. Condolences to family, friends, and readers.

    When I first moved to Toronto in 2000 with my wife I thought there would be no good motorcycling roads in close vicinity.

    I found CMG and through its website, soapbox, group rides, and pub nights had the pleasure of meeting Rob and a bunch of great people. I found some great riding roads too.

    The last time I saw Rob in person was at a pub night at Murphy’s Law in Toronto.

    Over the years life has got so hectic that I’ve lost touch with CMG.

    I had arranged with my employer to take Monday off and am planning to get some riding in.

    I shall ride to Bewdly in Rob’s memory.

  67. Something’s in my eyes.
    Godspeed the the greatest Mad Bastard I have ever met. There are no words that will help his family, but there are a whole raft of us out here that loved him as a friend, and admired him as an enthusiast….

  68. Dear friends and family of Rob. I am sorry for your loss. I met Rob a few times at CMG pub nights over the past decade and a half and exchanged many emails. He treated everyone, even strangers, like a friend and has done great things for motorcyclists in Canada. On top of running the best magazine in the country, he also founded many rallies and events. Ron will be missed.

    • Sorry, as I try to write something nice about Rob, my phone auto corrected the name to Ron. I also forgot that Rob had also created the evening motorcycle mechanics course at Centennial College which was fun and informative. He was also a motorcycle instructor. Rob’s gift motorcyclists in Canada was greater than most people knew.

  69. I met Rob while he was in Vancouver last month to test ride the new African Twin. We had a nice breakfast together and talked about my motorcycle rider training school and how we can work together with CMG to bring more info about rider training and other safety topics to his CMG readers. While I write this, I’m in Whistler BC on a motorcycle retreat with Ducati Richmond and am very saddened to learn about Rob’s passing.

  70. I’m shocked and heartbroken. I met him many times since 2003, when I first found CMG. He was a genuinely nice guy. Deepest condolences to his family.

  71. So sad…
    Robs life was my dream…

    Thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children…
    Life is short, I belive Rob was living his dream. I hope that all his motoring family will hug theirs tight every day and be safe!

    God Speed ‘La Grand Fromage!


  72. Very sad day for motorcyclists in Canada and your family. He was the best Brit on 2 wheels in Canada. Rest In Peace Rob, you will be missed.

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