Motorcycle safety course to run in Thunder Bay this weekend

Inexperienced riders need to go through a graduated licensing system, says New Brunswick's chief coroner. Photo: www.taupodc.govt.n

The wait is over. There will be motorcycle safety training in Thunder Bay, Ontario, this summer, meaning beginners won’t have to travel long distances for rider education.

According to CBC, the area’s rider training program was shut down last year when Confederation College canceled their participation. That meant riders would have to travel at least as far as Sault Ste. Marie for their course, over 1,000 km each way. It is Western Ontario, after all …

Now, a new deal has been struck between area instructors, local dealers, and the college, allowing training to resume at the school’s parking lot. At this point, the first weekend is already all booked up and subsequent dates are going fast (see the course schedule here). If you’re in the area and you want to do the course, sign up now!


  1. I live in Thunder Bay and know the people organizing the new course, apparently they were blindsided last year when the College told them last second that they didn’t want to be involved anymore. Sounded like there was a bit of change of command or something to that effect and the new person could give a rats ass about the course and only sees it as a liability.
    Con College has been slowly but steadily loosing their image as a ” community college” and now seem to be chasing $$$$$$$ and a few are empire building.
    Further reminder that Colleges and Universities are businesses like any other, remember that next time they come begging for money.

    • Hey Buzzerd – I’m from Thunder Bay also but moved away many years ago.
      Was going to apply at Lakehead but moved away in my last year at Lakeview HS.
      My brother and his family still live in FW – I’m way overdue for a visit.

  2. Slight correction on your distance there Zac – it’s about 700km each way between T-Bay and the Soo.
    Still – that’s much too far to travel for riding school.
    Any idea why Confed College dropped their participation last year?

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