Escape from Fort McMurray: CBC tells tale of motorcycle getaway

In the ongoing pandemonium caused by the raging wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, at least one couple chose to flee the city by motorcycle, and CBC has their story.

Dutchess and Danno Sabovitch ended up leaving Fort Mac on a bike after they were unable to get enough gas to flee safely in their car (someone stole the first can they filled up!). Their solution was to take their motorcycle instead. And, given the video footage we’ve seen of the lines of cars crammed together on the highways leaving town, it looks like a motorcycle might have some positive points. The traffic jams look like something straight from The Walking Dead television show, although thankfully law and order are ruling the day, not undead hordes, meaning travelers might see delays, but the highways are passable.

Read the Sabovitch’s story on CBC here. As you can see in the video clip above, the fire is within metres of the highway in places, so it’s a bold move to take a bike.


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