CMDRA may face issues with Ashcroft drag strip again


Photo: CMDRA

The Eagleplex drag strip in Ashcroft, BC, may once again be dropping off the CMDRA schedule.

The Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association was scheduled to visit the Eagleplex July 9-10 for the High Desert Nationals, as part of the national points series. However, according to a post on the CMDRA Facebook page, there are rumours the track is in trouble again, meaning the round might be canceled.

This isn’t the first time the track has caused headaches for the CMDRA. In 2014, Ashcroft’s two scheduled national drag racing events were up in the air, after rumours the track was closed down. Eventually that mess was straightened out somewhat, as it may be this time. The local native band has sunk quite a bit of money into fixing up the Ashcroft track, so some people would likely want to keep it running, but the decision may be out of their hands if CMDRA tires of the drama.

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