Polaris motorcycles sales growing

Polaris continues to chip away at the cruiser competition, with increased motorcycles sales in 2016’s Q1, including great growth by Indian.

According to their sales figures, Polaris saw 2016’s Q1 numbers take an 18 per cent jump over 2015’s Q1. They made $188.245 million in sales January-March 2016, up from 2015’s $159,479 million.

Three companies are included in those numbers — Victory, Indian, and Polaris’s Slingshot sales as well. Indian supposedly saw 50 per cent sales growth in 2016’s Q1, although we don’t have an actual number for that. However, the Indian lineup has been growing steadily, Polaris continues to hint at more aggressive models in the Victory lineup, and three-wheelers like the Slingshot seem to resonate well with aging boomers. Despite long-standing proclamations that the cruiser market is dead, it seems like that diagnosis might have been a bit premature yet.


  1. Those aren’t unit sales. That’s $188.3 million in sales revenue, up from $159.5 million last year. 188,245 motorcycles sold in a quarter would be an astounding figure, considering Harley sold 57,458 in the same quarter.

    • Right, of course. This is what comes of typing while tired. I even looked at H-D’s numbers when I did that, so I can’t believe I made that error.

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