Hindle Exhausts announces Canadian contingency, sponsorship program

Canadian roadracers have new options available for contingency and sponsorship through Hindle Exhausts.

Last year, Hindle was the title sponsor for the Pro Sport Bike class, but that’s changed this year — they’ve announced the contingency and sponsorship programs instead.

The 2016 Hindle Racer Program has discounts for pros and amateurs in the CSBK, SOAR, and RACE series. Hindle will also pay out contingencies for top five finishes in CSBK’s pro and amateur SportBike and Superbike classes  — $9,000 has been set aside for the 2016 campaign.

Hindle has also posted $2250 in contingencies for amateurs and pros racing in SOAR’s 600 and 1000 classes, for a top-three finish. They’ve also posted $1875 in contingencies for amateurs and pros in RACE’s 600 and 1000 class, for a top-three finish.

For more information on the CSBK program, click here. For more details on the SOAR and RACE programs, click here. Otherwise, call Hindle at 905-985-6111 for details or email info@hindle.com.


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