Check out the Yamaha Tracer — not for Canada (yet)

Yamaha’s been busy. Along with the adventure bike version  of their FZ-07 (see the spy shots here), they’ve also put together a sport-touring version. They call it the Tracer.

The engine is the same 689 cc twin-cylinder Yamaha debuted back in 2014, with a healthy 73.8 hp at 9,000 rpm. The FZ-07 platform has proven immensely popular in the months since it burst on the scene, and Yamaha’s been quick to exploit that.

While it lacks the high-end features you’d find on a pricy touring bike, the Tracer has the basics. The tank capacity has risen from 14 to 17 litres, making for increased range. Designers stretched the swingarm about 5 cms for added stability, and the suspension has been tweaked to handle a range of pavement. Naturally, there’s a slightly larger fairing and windscreen (manually controlled). Handguards, similar to what you’d find on an adventure bike, also help keep the breeze off the rider.

Overall, a very tasty unit, with obvious similarities to the FJ-09.
Overall, a very tasty unit, with obvious similarities to the FJ-09.

Yamaha moved the footpegs around for both the rider and passenger position, and designed a new stepped seat that should make for an easier ride for the pillion.

The most important necessity for any touring bike, the luggage, isn’t included. The 20-litre  soft side cases and 39-litre top box are available as accessories.

The bike has a 7,900 Euro price tag across the pond, but … no Canadian MSRP, as it hasn’t been confirmed here yet. Stay tuned for more details, but we’d be surprised to see if it didn’t show up.


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  1. I own an FZ 07 and love the motor and gearbox delivery but a little compact for my body. Tracer going to be exciting. That 689 cc is all you need. Don’t forget to slow down and smell the flowers.

  2. Well my KLR is up for replacement in the next year or 2, I was thinking a 650 Strom or Versys, but if Yamaha sends that our way, it will be in contention for my money if the price is right in with the others.

  3. Another great offer from Yamaha, that company is on fire and I love it.

    Nice bike and the price can only be good as it has to be cheaper than the FJ-09, I think the front looks better than the FJ-09.

    FJ-10 seems even more likely at this point.

    BTW Honda where are you, do you still want to sell motorcycles?

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