Report: Cabot Trail slated for plenty of road work this summer

The Cabot Trail, the best-known motorcycling road on Canada’s east coast, is going to see lots of road work this summer.

Combining elevation changes, curves, and stunning scenery, the Cabot Trail brings motorcyclists from across North America to Cape Breton to ride through the national park. But this year, CBC says those motorcyclists can likely expect some delays.

According to this article, the Trail is going to see 10 construction projects this summer, including five bridge replacements. They’ve already got a head start on some projects due to mild winter weather, but the work is expected to drag into October, so if you’re riding the Trail this summer, expect hold-ups, no matter when you ride it. Maybe this would be a good time to try out the Mini-Cape around Cape George instead (like the 2013 Dawn 2 Dusk Rally).

The CBC piece says this is the second year of a five-year project to upgrade the Trail in the National Park.


  1. Great, I was there a few years back and the pavement was in rough shape. Hopefully they fix up the whole trail and then advertise to get the word out to bring in riders, both bikes and cars. Also, so many other wonderful roads in N.S. I used to live there, now in Alberta. A bucket list ride for me is a circumnavigation of N.S. on every paved road closest to the ocean. Great food, people, places to stay and roads.

    • A lot of secondary roads in Nova Scotia, including some of the most popular tourist routes, are in very rough shape. I mean the kind of rough that makes Ontario rough roads look good by comparison.

      • Some are atrocious, sure. But some of NS’s pavement is surprisingly good, at least by Maritime standards. The coastal stretches between Halifax and Liverpool are particularly surprising.

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