Video: See the CSBK-spec Kawasaki Ninja 300

Last summer, CSBK announced their Kawasaki Ninja 300 spec series. We haven’t seen a lot of information on the series since then, but if you’re curious, you can get a look at the bike in this video from the Calgary Motorcycle Show. YouTuber CherrieBlossoms gives us a walkaround of the modified 300, with its spec race kit. It looks like a fun replacement for the old Honda CBR250 series!


  1. Is there a series for 2016, and if so what are the details about buying/renting a bike OR buying a kit and retrofitting to a currently owned machine ?
    Unlike the previous spec series, there have been about 20 bikes built but only the press and ‘special guests’ have had an opportunity to ride them.
    Its almost April, if its going to happen this year the clock is ticking….

    • I and several other people have been asking Kawasaki these same questions and have not received any answers. Just rumours of rent to own but no details. It’s a month till the first national round at Shannonville. I don’t see there being many 300s on the grid. Kawasaki Canada is not looking good in this endeavour considering the series was announced over a year ago and bikes were built last Summer.

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