Video: Jay Leno on the Indian 101

While the Leno’s Garage YouTube show has lots of car footage, some episodes do a great job of showing us modern machines Leno wants to promote, or vintage bikes he’s fascinated by. This video is one of the latter.

In this case, Leno is talking about a 1931 Indian Scout 101, a machine he claims is one of the greatest American motorcycles of all time. A bold claim, but Leno’s got the experience with vintage machines to know what he’s talking about.

And any time we see Leno talking about motorcycles, we think: Why doesn’t he do more of these shows? It’s a lot better than a lot of the claptrap seen on the auto channels. Surely the market for vintage auto auction shows, chopper build-offs, and the like, has been saturated already? What’s wrong with an interesting look at a vintage machine’s features and performance?


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