Isle of Man TT resumes push for publicity

The Isle of Man is once again trying to boost interest in the island’s race series, this time by bringing in a new outside promoter.

A few years ago, organizers went on a push to bring in more interest, first by creating a worldwide series based around the IOMTT, and then by turning the TT into a motorcycle festival. The first proposal hasn’t panned out yet, and the second irked fans. But organizers are constantly worrying about the expense of the TT, and their latest answer is to get in new help from the outside.

The IOMTT organizers are hoping to bring on Vision Nine, an event promoter from the UK, to grow attendance over the next 10 years and double the economic benefit for the island. Considering the amount of money the island has lost on the races in the past, a move like this might be the saviour for the IOMTT. With rising costs, especially when considering insurance fees, racing on the Mountain Course is in more danger than it’s been in decades.


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