New Brunswicker clawing his way into custom bike scene

Choppers have come and gone from the mainstream (twice!). Same for cafe racers. Custom-built scramblers are big right now, but that won’t last forever. So what’s next?

According to Global News, it might be lobster-themed motorcycles. At least, one New Brunswick man is hoping so.

It started when Timo Richard built a lobster-themed bike for a local seafood store owner in Shediac, New Brunswick. Richard, who spends a lot of time messing around with motorcycles, usually makes things like wallets and belts (you can see his Instagram page featuring his work here). The original creation took $2,000 worth of leather and 170 hours, and made the usual Internet rounds. Given Shediac and nearby Moncton are both centres of the cruiser-focused “motorcycle festival” circuit in the Maritimes, that attention isn’t so surprising.

What’s surprising is Richard then got a call from New York. Chef Ben Sargent (you might have seen him on TV) also wanted a lobster bike, and brought his 1986 Honda CT110 up for a similar treatment.

This leaves us with conflicted feelings on Sargent; it’s cool that he owns a postie bike, but maybe not so cool that he’s willing to drape it in lobster bodywork. But then again, Sargent was willing to ride his lobster bike home from Moncton last week, through subzero temperatures, so he must be an OK guy. And Richards told Global Sargent plans to maybe even ride the bike to South America … No word on whether he plans to fill his panniers with tartar sauce.

Of course, realistically speaking, lobster bikes aren’t going to be a thing (we hope!). But Richards joked with Global that “I may not have time for belts and wallets any more and I may have to make a living building giant leather lobsters.” At this point, we’d say he has the market cornered. In fact, it’s probably reached the boiling point.


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