Quadrophenia follow-up planned

Got a thing for vintage scooters, or that whole Mods vs. Rockers ballyhoo, or maybe just a fan of The Who? Then you might be interested to know there’s an effort to film a follow-up short film to cult classic Quadrophenia.

Of course, the original film was itself a follow-up to the classic album/rock opera by The Who, starring Phil Daniels as a Lambretta-riding Mod, fighting with motorcycle-borne Rockers and experiencing the general slumminess of 1970s England. It’s not up there with Easy Rider or Wild Angels in the annals of bikesploitation, but it’s a well-known insight into a subculture that might not have been as notorious as displayed, but did exist.

The new short film planned by director Devlin Crow isn’t a sequel. It’s a story set in modern times about a boy who’s an outcast, taking care of his sick mother after school. He meets an actor from the original Quadrophenia film, who takes him under his wing.

You can read more storyline and details on the project here. Currently, Crow is trying to raise money for the film on Kickstarter. He’s a Brighton boy himself, and says the film will be full of references to Mod culture that he remembers from growing up … so we guess you could say that, ultimately, the project is him talkin’ ’bout his generation.

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