Erik Buell Racing back in production

EBR has come a long way in the last couple years, especially when you consider Erik Buell's abrupt parting with Harley-Davidson.

Less than two months after its sale at auction, Erik Buell Racing is building motorcycles again, perhaps one of history’s quickest turnarounds of a motorcycle zombie brand.

According to a press release the company issued yesterday, EBR resumed production March 1, with the first bikes expected to be completed on March 17. That’s going to be a press day for media, and on March 18, they’re throwing a party for fans, owners, and the general public at EBR’s factory in East Troy, Wisconsin.

They’re also cleaning out the closets, so to speak, on March 18. Their press release says on that date “assets excess to current factory production will be sold through a public liquidation run by Liquid Asset Partners for approximately 30 to 45 days (excess machinery, equipment, tools, excess race assets, and excess parts). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a piece of history at the factory level.”

When EBR was put up for sale, it was advertised as a “turn-key” operation; switch the lights back on, and the workers could get back to business. It seems that was indeed the case, as it hasn’t taken very long for them to resume production, although surely by now many of the factory staff have moved elsewhere.

Speaking of staff, the revived company lists a Steve Smith as their CEO; Erik Buell’s job title is Chief Technical Officer. Their press release states the new management team has a multi-year business plan in place, and they’re looking for dealers. After all, someone has to sell all those newly built motorcycles. Details on becoming a dealer will be available on their website here.

Their press release also says plans for warranties and racing are going to be unveiled in coming days.

Although Liquid Asset Partners (EBR’s current owner) was looking to flip the company after the auction, their press release says “We feel there is still room for new partnerships or investment, but it is not critical. EBR is on solid ground and moving forward.” It’s not clear, but that sounds as if the playbook might have changed, and the new owners may intend to hang on to their acquisition.


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