Honda Grom gets update for some markets


Honda announced an update of their MSX125 today (better known as the  Grom), but we aren’t sure yet if the bike is coming to Canada.

The announcement came from Honda Europe; the video above shows the concept drawings of the machine they loaded to YouTube, along with new colours. Back when we reviewed the first-generation Grom, we called it the “World’s Smallest Hooligan Bike,” and it seems Big Red agrees somewhat, as their marketing team has dubbed the upgraded model their “super cool Mini Streetfighter.” However, it seems the motor remains the standard air-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke 125 cc (borrowed from the Wave scooter), so the modifications are all show, no go.

The cosmetic updates include new bodywork (giving it edgier visuals), a stacked LED headlight (similar to the ones Kawasaki uses on their naked bikes), a shorter exhaust that mimics the GP styling seen on modern sportbikes, and a restyled tail section that required some tweaking to the rear subframe.

We don’t know if the updated machine will be here for 2016, or if it’s coming at all, but we’ve asked Honda. We’ll let you know what the reply is.


  1. The grom is too small for a bigger engine. it’s already borderline unstable with its high C of G, short wheelbase and tiny wheels. It’s OK as a toy, but don’t try to use it as a real motorcycle.capable of higher speeds. I saw a couple of unintentional stoppies on these things last year by newbie riders from parking lot speeds. A 300cc version would have a lot of strange braking accidents. ..

    • I’d love to own a Grom & would own one next week if they put either the 250 or 300cc motor in it & kept it the same size/style. If they change it’s look like the difference between the 50cc Rukus & the 250cc Big Rukas it will fail.

  2. I was hoping for some mechanical updates – a replaceable/cleanable oil filter would be nice and the clutch could use some help (hard to keep adjusted, premature wear).
    Other than that, the little blighters seem pretty bulletproof, bring them on Honda !

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