New Triumph Tiger Sport announced


Remember when there was one Tiger and that was Triumph’s adventure bike? We now have three and with three different engine sizes, hitting three different markets. The 800 Tiger is perhaps the most off-road orientated of the bunch, with the 1200 Tiger Explorer taking more touring duties with some gravel roads in the wire wheeled in XC form.

And then there’s the original Hinckley Tiger. It started out in 885cc triple form back in 1993, grew to 955 cc in 2001. It was Triumph’s adventure bike and it at least tried to go off-road. However, as the 800 and 1200 versions took that role the original Tiger was boosted to 1050 format in 2007, complete with 17 inch cast wheels and then given the ‘Sport’ appendage in 2013. The adventure was over and Triumph now had a long-legged sport tourer.

But there’s nothing wrong with that if you like your sport tourers on the lanky side and Triumph has stuck with the concept with a significant update for 2016. The 1050 triple motor comes from the latest Speed Triple with more torque and better fuel economy. It’s also ride by wire with Rain, Road and Sport riding modes, multi-level traction control, cruise control and ABS. To keep in its sport touring genre there’s a taller adjustable screen and slipper clutch too.

The bike won’t be officially released till Friday at a show in the UK and it’s when you write that that you realize that you haven’t actually checked if it will be coming to North America. It’s a quick text to the Canadian rep and a quick reply makes you realize that you’ve just spent the last 45 minutes writing about something to a Canadian audience that won’t actually be able to buy the bike.

Yes, the new 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport will not be available in Canada.



  1. I have a 2004 955i – the last year with spoked wheels and decent off-road suspension. It doesn’t just “try to go offroad”, it does – and just as ably as a GS (although not quite as off-roadish as my old KTM64oAdv but WAY more comfortable). I did a week of training and touring with Rawhyde in colorado 2 summers ago and Tigger kept up just fine. I wrote about it in mojo. But the best thing is that it has Tigger Stripes!!! on the tank. C’mon Triumph, let’s have orange paint and tigger stripes back for all of these felines!!

  2. Yep, real shame for sure. I have a 2007 Tiger 1050 ABS and love that engine. The improvements that the ‘Sport’ version employs (better suspension, lights, TC, CC, etc,) are exactly what the bike needs. I wish Triumph would offer it in Canada.

  3. This is exactly the configuration I’m in the market for, sporty-ish but practical and comfortable.

    Too bad it won’t make it here. Maybe next year! In any case I’m sure there will be plenty of bikes likes this, they just makes sense…

  4. Same for me. I love naked bikes but also want wind protection for the long haul. This bike checks a lot of boxes. Come on, ship a few across the pond.

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