Loud pipes have Kootenay residents petitioning RCMP


Loud pipes are causing problems again in another Canadian municipality; this time, it’s residents of the Regional District of Central Kootenay in BC who are asking cops to end the noise.

CBC is reporting 4,300 people have signed a petition for the RCMP and BC’s attorney general to do something about the noisy motorcycles that have been disrupting their local peace and quiet. The article quotes a local as saying “It’s just one after the other, after the other, just all summer long … They may think they go by and they’re the only one. They don’t realize that two minutes after them, there’s another group … it goes right into their houses, the noise.

It’s an early start to the loud pipe season. Normally, we see a rash of complaints about noisy motorcycles in mid-spring, once riding season starts in earnest across Canada, although the issue seemed to go quiet in 2015 — no pun intended. The CBC story has the usual viewpoints: homeowners who are sick of the noise, and motorcyclists who claim loud pipe laws will disrupt their plans for group rides, and that they aren’t as intrusive as lawnmowers, etc. There’s also an audio clip for the story here, and the website has plenty of the usual squabbling in the comments section, between outraged homeowners and riders who claim their loud pipes are saving lives.


  1. Can we just put this whole ‘LOUD PIPES’ thing to rest, please ?

    The laws already exist, they just require enforcement.

    Unless there’s municipal revenue generation involved, nothing will change…

  2. Loud pipes go with youth. I’ve been there & done that & their is really no need for it, Period.

    Yes I was a stupid youth! & just like the older folks tell ya when your young? & you blow it off like you will me? trust me, you’ll be older someday & you wont appreciate loud pipes in your back yard either…

  3. Opinions are like assholes. Leave the loud pipes alone , if you don’t like the noise of loud pipes well stick your opinion up your asses and go ride your Vespa’s . Stop your snivelling and go find something worth arguing for…………

  4. I love the sound of a well tuned stroker or hemi engine as much as the rest of the gear heads out there. I always look for an opportunity to get my bike in the power band and get a charge from that perfect sound as the surge of power blows past the wastegate. Unfortunately not everyone is a gear head…in fact we are a minority. . Having said that the myth of loud pipes saving lives.. C’mon we know thats not the real deal. The sound is behind you. Oncoming cage cranking a left in front of you can’t hear you any better than he/she sees you yet. Lights and driver awarness…I mean bikers awareness. ..fuck the cagers are texting and screwing around while they drive…we know that!! Do the next best thing… get those driving light’s on and use them…all the frigging time… don’t be a statistic. As far as loud pipes go…I like em. Lots of loud pipes out there too… Airplanes…Logging trucks… Lots of sirens too ambulance popo…what ever. Look after what you are responsible for. Visibility. Lighting. Watch your 10-2. Watch your 6. Ride on!

  5. F U are going to pay me for the cash I paid out for better quality air intake performance pipes jet kit for my carb and the time to put it all on. What a bunch of crap all because of a bunch of cry baby’s.

  6. I can relate to some of the beefs that some of the people are voicing. It should also be noted, however, that some of the people feel that all of the people should live life according to their standards of behaviour. And some of the people take everything personally. And some of the people await every opportunity to voice their condemnation about anything. To them I say, “Yep, I agree with you that some bikes are beyond loud.”. Your complaints should be going to those who administer the law, but if you’re being serviced by Federal or Provincial Policing, local laws mean little. Other than that, it’s ‘live and let live’, like it used to be before political correctness…

  7. They should include lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow machines, snow blowers, car stereos, I mean come on, if you want to complain about noise and have a noise law/by-law, include everything else.

  8. Stock pipe 70% rider get kill every year and aftermarket pipe 80% rider their lives are save , so I rather be live on aftermarket pipe so f..k… People get off there god damn iPhone. So aftermarket pipe are better off get people attention while if they on their iPhone. That why

  9. It is fair though that oe mufflers are exorbitantantly expensive for many bikes, for one damaged or rusted out. The path of least resistance for legislators is to require oe mufflers

    • I’d buy into that if all the cruisers with loud pipes were 20 years old or more but 99.9 percent of those with straight pipes didn’t change them because the OE pipes were rusted out.

  10. I’ve been riding for 8 years, and yes my bike has had the exhaust changed. However, I can come into my neighbourhood and not disturb my neighbours (I know, since I apologies for disrupting them but they never heard me) That being said, there are some bikes that are extremely loud, but it’s not fair to tar us all with the same brush.
    And yes, in the summer there is an influx of bikes that will pass by…but that’s when we ride! All we need is a little consideration and understanding…from both sides.

  11. I don’t blame them. I live near a busy road and you can hear some of the cruisers for great distances, just ridiculously loud. There is only one reason for that – hey look at me, look at me everyone!

  12. I feel for the people there. Straight pipes are very loud and to argue freedom, or loud pipes save lives, is rather pointless. I have ridden there many times always with stock mufflers on my bikes and found my enjoyment was in no way hampered. Sitting buy a small lake to take break I was disturbed by groups of cruisers.

    • It’s even worse when the road past your place is up a hill. Those open pipe cruisers make more noise than power, and they have to be wide open, at full db all the way up. And they take so bloody looonnnnnggg!

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